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Mental Health and Substance Abuse Delivery System


Tri-County Community Services, Inc. is a private non-profit organization that provides substance abuse and mental health services throughout Taos, Colfax and Union Counties. TCCS has been a valued agency for 35 years.

TCCS is the Adult Core Service Agency in the 3 counties. Clinics are located in Clayton, Raton and Taos. The Social Detoxification Program is located in Taos and serves 10 counties in Northern New Mexico. TCCS works closely with Holy Cross Hospital, Miner’s Hospital and Union County General Hospital to support emergency and follow-up services. TCCS works closely with many area primary care providers, medical specialists, detention and other agencies to support the community to have access to care.


Mental Health Services:  Located at 413 Sipapu Rd, Taos., 220 4th Ave, Raton and 103 Walnut, Clayton. TCCS provides psychiatric services to individuals/families in acute crisis and/or those individuals with severely disabling mental illnesses, individuals with co-occurring disorders (substance abuse and mental illness, emergency psychiatric evaluations/assessments, and medication management. TCCS offers case management services to adults 18 and over. TCCS provides clinical services for children, adolescents and adults. Additional services include: individual psychotherapy, family therapy, couples counseling and group therapy services. TCCS offers Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services for the chronic population. One PSR program offered in Taos is for those with Mental Health/Substance Abuse issues and Developmental Delays. TCCS will work with those that are court ordered for assessments and/or treatment.


Outpatient Substance Abuse Services: Located at 413 Sipapu Rd. Taos, 220 4th Ave, Raton and 103 Walnut, Clayton. TCCS provides substance abuse assessment services, individual, family and group counseling and educational sessions. TCCS offers an Intensive Outpatient Program based on the Matrix Model that is approved by Medicaid at the Taos office. The IOP program is held 3 nights a week for 3 hours a night. TCCS works closely with the courts to support completion of the program. TCCS can provide SA assessments if requested by the courts.


New Office locations: TCCS will offer a one day a week clinic with the support of Holy Cross Hospital Wellness Clinic and EL Centro in Penasco, beginning March 23, 2011. TCCS will offer Mental Health Therapy and Psychiatric Services for those whishing to receive services. The services will be provided at The Spot on Wednesdays.

TCCS is the process of arranging to provide one day clinics in Springer and Des Moines. The clinics will be available in April 2011.


Social Detoxification Services: Located at 1421Weimer Road in Taos. TCCS provides 24-hour supervision of withdrawal from alcohol and/or drugs, medication monitoring, individual and group counseling and case management services. Each consumer admitted to Detox will receive a psychiatric evaluation to support the consumer to have access to mental health services and to further support the development of a recovery plan. The Detox staff will assist all Taos consumers to access the out-patient program to assure follow-up care is accessible. The Detox staff will assist in making arrangements for long term care for those that meet long term criteria.


Assertive Community Treatment: Located at 123 Siler in Taos. This is a 24 hours a day program that assists those with serious mental illness to function in the community. The program offers therapy, medication, nursing, case management, substance abuse counseling and employment services to consumers that require supports to develop and maintain a life in the community.



For more information please call 751-7552.


After-hours Telephonic Crisis Service: TCCS offers an after-hours, weekends and holiday Crisis Line: This service is designed to assist individuals and/or families in crisis 24-hours a day 7-days a week. The Taos number is 575- 758-1125. The Raton and Clayton number is 575-445-2754.


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