Behavioral Health Services

Intensive Outpatient Services

Intensive Outpatient Services (IOP) provides recovery support for individuals battling addiction and alcoholism. It is "intense" providing 9 hours of care weekly. Groups are 3 hours each. They occur on Monday Tuesday, and Thursday 3-6pm.  Often people want to remain in their community and with family while trying to recover from addition. Our groups provide skills, education, resources, and support to do this effectively. We incorporate the latest in brain-based recovery research, interventions trauma informed, and evidence  based models to give our clients the most comprehensive care possible. 

Weekly  Recovery Group 

Every Friday from 9am-11am, we offer a weekly recovery group. This group provides holistic health based interventions. It includes outdoor based activity, nutrition, and life skills for those who wish to strengthen their foundation in recovery based skills, coping and well being into everyday life. 


Forensic Department

The Tri-County Clinical Forensic Team works hard to provide the most appropriate services for clients who are involved in any aspect of the legal system. This includes people who have  legal charges, are involved with (probation or parole) community corrections, and/or CYFD. Our team works with the client and referral source to ensure the best possible Treatment is provided. This could take many forms. All of our programs are accessible for these clients.